Elite Construction of NY Capital Improvement Projects at Glen Cove Public Library

Elite Construction Manages Capital Improvement Projects at Glen Cove Public Library

As a repeat client, Elite Construction is currently managing three capital improvement projects at the Glen Cove Public Library which involve reinforcing the building envelope and repairing/replacing areas damaged from water infiltration to preserve, protect, and improve the sustainability of the library for the community.

The 12,800 SF existing built-up roof had several incidents of leaks that even after being patched, repeatedly compromised books and supplies inside. The roof has been replaced with a TPO (Thermoplastic-Polyolefin) membrane that is proven to be durable, strong and energy efficient.

Secondly, the original single pane windows are being replaced with new Low-E double pane (insulated) windows that will minimize the amount of ultraviolet and infrared rays light without compromising the amount of visible light. These will better maintain humidity levels and keep the temperature in the library even and more comfortable for everyone inside.

Lastly, the occasional flooding of the neighboring municipal parking lot has led to several inches of standing water in the library’s offices and Community Room. As a result, Elite is set to oversee the installation of a flood door at the lower-level exit to prevent water from entering. Similarly, the water damaged areas will be restored back to better than before with epoxy floor finishes, closed-cell/rigid foam insulation, moisture-proof sheetrock, upgraded electrical and other interior refreshes.

Elite differentiates themselves with transparent communication, a proven project controls system, and a proactive hands-on approach. We support our local community, as well as other Veteran, Minority and Women-Owned firms.

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